What Makes a Strong Company Culture?

Aug 12, 2022

When you were younger, where did you want to work? The professions most kids desire— astronauts, princesses, movie stars, and musicians— have at least one thing in common: they come with a lot of engagement and regard. If asked to pick between a castle and a cubicle, I doubt you would be daydreaming about a tiny desk and a bright computer screen.

Everyone wants to work in a place where they feel appreciated and comfortable. Many offices and call centers have gained a dreadful reputation because they typically lack an inviting environment. Without an engaging workplace, employees won’t be excited.

When hiring 5-Star Employees, business owners need to think of the culture they’re creating for their employees. An excellent company culture must be cultivated if you plan on retaining 5-Star people.  Company culture can be developed whether in an office or working remotely - the key is to involve your employees and know that building a strong organizational culture will prove to be worth the effort/

There are many ways to achieve a great company culture, but the number one way to assure your culture reigns supreme is to continually lift UP your team. Recognition, rewards, and encouragement are a few of the things 5-Star Employees crave.

Luckily, there’s no big secret to capturing and maintaining a desirable company culture—it’s all dependent on your current team and the 5-Star candidates you recruit. There are several trending company culture perks that should give you inspiration when building your own culture.

  • Flexibility

People have a lot going on these days. Remaining flexible to a certain degree is a way to communicate to your employees you have consideration for their needs.

  • Celebrations

The most engaging activity for the team is to celebrate. Think of different occasions to celebrate in your organization.  Celebrate the Wins - both big and small!

  • Fair and Inclusive Behavior

Everyone needs to be treated equally for optimal success.

  • Growth Opportunities

5-Star Employees crave growth because it’s a sign they’re not only performing well but are in a company with a culture that cares about their developing abilities.

  • Personalized Recognition

Each of your employees are different and require different means of recognition. Be sure to personalize their experiences as much as you can.

Incorporating any number of these into your workplace is an easy way to lift UP your employees, make them feel appreciated, and build a strong company culture.

Do you use any of these company cultures?  Have you created something else that exemplifies your organization's culture?  We would love to hear about it!