The 11 Universal Qualities of 5-Star Employees

Sep 21, 2022

If you’re a business owner struggling with determining the right candidates for your open positions, then you have come to the right place!

-Showing up prepared with specific questions to ask is one thing, but how do you know if you’re asking candidates the right questions?

-How can you build an interview process that guarantees the right hiring result every single time?

-And if certain questions you ask are met with unsatisfactory answers, should candidates be automatically disqualified?

What warning signs are there from the start?

While interviews may vary based on different companies and different candidates, there are 11 Universal Qualities all 5-Star Employees will exhibit during an interview.

Asking questions to check for these qualities in candidates will create a more objective interview process and you can back up your gut feelings about iffy candidates with solid evidence.

The 11 Qualities of 5-Star Employees acts as a cheat sheet to assess if a candidate is worth the hire. Using this process during your interviews means avoiding ho-hum employees, which will save you time, money, and tears in the future.

The 11 Universal Qualities list is also not your typical checklist. It wouldn’t make sense to compose a master list of qualities without dignifying which qualities are the most vital.

Of the 11 Qualities, many of them are coded gray. If a candidate lacks any gray qualities, it’s not exactly a dealbreaker.

Two of the 11 Qualities are coded green, meaning they are the easiest to change. A lack of these will be the least of your worries.

And two are the qualities are coded red – these are dealbreakers…

  • Limber

Being limber is not just being flexible. Typically, flexibility is applied to the realm of scheduling and availability to work. 

Limber employees are okay with change. They can pivot and switch gears quickly when need be. They can handle a change in workload, are open to learning different responsibilities, and are responsive to change.

Employees who are not limber will be not be open to coaching to improve this Quality. 

  • Listens

Have you ever had an interview where a candidate doesn’t seem to be actively listening to your questions? Spoil alert - this is a major red flag!

5-Star Employees are listeners. They will not only listen to feedback, but their actions are based upon what they listen to.

Active listening is a vital quality for each candidate that walks through your door.

The 11 Qualities of 5-Star Employees will successfully systemize your interview process. With the help of the color coding, you can quickly gage if candidates will be 5-Star players.

Think about your must frustrating employee and your best employee. Which qualities do they possess (or not)?

Reach out today to learn more about incorporating the 11 Universal Qualities with existing employees and potential candidates in your business!