A Guide to Boosting Your New Hire’s Confidence

Aug 19, 2022

If you’re currently in the market for new employees, you need to be thinking about what will come after you’ve found the perfect candidate. Most of the battle may seem centered around the hiring process and searching for 5-Star Employees. However, much of the work begins after the offer letter and onboarding.

            Danielle Mulvey of the ALL IN Company knows this to be true:

“Most business owners believe that 5-Star Employees should be plug and play. 5-Star Employees have the foundation, they have the 11 Universal Qualities, they have the skills and aptitudes, but they need more from their leader. Go ALL IN on them and take the time to mentor, coach, and share your knowledge and expertise, this will really build each employee up. That’s how you create your Dream Team and take your business to the next level.”            

The truth is those 5-Star Employees you find will be the right fit for you simply because you put in the work to discover exactly what you’re looking for.  But your efforts will switch from recruiting 5-Star Employees to retaining the 5-Star Employees you’ve hired. Coaching and teaching them everything you know will further build their abilities and their value to your company.

Along with mentoring employees, business owners should fill their new hires with confidence.

                                        Danielle goes on to say:

“Once the hire has been made, I would suggest setting up a fifteen-to-twenty-minute check in with them each day to boost their confidence. You can share examples of work with them and show them how easy things are. Saying ‘Here’s what the basic structure is, it’s not that hard, and I know you could do this and make it better’, will give them the confidence they need to begin, and that’s the secret. Too often as the owner we don’t make time to boost our employees’ confidence, but that’s what people need. They need coaching, encouragement, and the confidence to tackle their work.”

Many business owners may think when asking new hires to gradually take on more work they need to offer extra incentives, such as more pay or longer breaks; this isn’t necessary. Taking the time to boost your employee’s faith in their abilities will allow them to feel more comfortable in widening the scope of their work.

Retention is a mixture of furthering your current employees’ development (skills, education, etc.) and showing admiration for all they do. A simple acknowledgement of your new hire’s accomplishments from their first week, resources for continued education, and a letter signed by you showing your appreciation for their hard work are all great ways to communicate appreciation, boost their confidence, and get that retention ball rolling.

What do you do to build your employees’ confidence?