How to WOW That New Hire

Aug 25, 2022

You did it! You successfully hired a new 5-Star Employee and are gearing up for their first day of work. Now it’s time to BE DIFFERENT and WOW your new hire!

You want your new hires to know (or at least thinkyou’ve got your shit together!

Utilizing a solid onboarding process will make new employees feel they made the right decision when they accepted the job offer.

Putting together a purely customized New Hire Welcome Kit is a must-have in the onboarding process. 

Putting together a welcome kit is your opportunity to equip your new hire with anything they’ll need to start their first day as well as excite them with specialty branded SWAG and unique gifts related to your organization.

You’ll want to send the kit out before the first day of work so they can start with everything they could want or need is an exceptional way to WOW those new employees.

Everyone enjoys receiving gifts from their management, and not just because it’s FREE STUFF

Offering a thoughtful welcome kit will kick-start the process of retaining your new hires.

Welcome kits hold sentimental value because they are introductory expressions of excitement and acceptance. If your new hires feel accepted by the team and their new leader on the very first day, they won’t be tempted to continue looking for better employment; they will believe they have already found it with your organization; securing their future with you.

Things to Include in Your Welcome Kit:

  • Personalized, handwritten letter from YOU

Your employees value your input and efforts to be personable with them. Including some kind words to personally welcome new hires into your organization will make them feel very special.

  • First day supplies

Whether your new hire be in-office or work from home, they may not have everything they need for the job. Think about what they’ll need to get started that you can include in their welcome kit— notebooks, paperclips, stapler, binders, a planner…

  • Company SWAG and branded items

Typical company SWAG items are branded shirts, hats, tote bags, or coffee mugs. However, unique gifts that further propel what your company is all about are very exciting to receive. Pizzerias could give out branded pizza cutters, or doggy daycares could include branded pet leashes and collar tags. Be sure to always think outside of the box!

  • Product samples / coupons for associated businesses

If your organization sells or manufactures specific products, be sure to gift free samples to new hires! And if you’ve got sister companies or work closely with other businesses, offering coupons or vouchers for their services can inadvertently teach the new hire a bit about your most important business relationships.

Are there any welcome kit items not listed that you gift to your new hires? What’s a unique item that you could brand and hand out in your welcome kits?